On February 25, 2018, Sc Mario Pellegrino professed his final vows at the presence of Fr Christian Carlassare, Fr Fernando Gonzales Galarza and Fr Yacob Solomon Shole, Mark Ohide – a pre-postulant in experience, three Comboni sisters and the faithful of the three chapels of Nyal: Birth of Jesus Prince of Peace, the Ascension of the Lord, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Christians were very enthusiastic to witness to this important step of the missionary life of Sc. Mario Pellegrino and he was also happy to celebrate it with the people he has been with for his missionary experience. The Sunday readings spoke about the faithfulness of Abraham which was based on the greater faithfulness and love of God. Jesus offered himself generously so that people could have life to the full in him. And as he transfigured himself on the mountain, he gave a glimpse of the transformation he is anticipating in the life of Mario Pellegrino so that he can be a holy and capable missionary, generous and joyful all the days of his missionary life. He is also encouraging the Christian community and the society to walk down the way of this transformation so that South Sudan can also enjoy peace and reconciliation.

It was very touching to witness the participation of the assembly to the liturgy. When Mario prostrated on a mat in front of the altar, the faithful surrounded him singing a song to the Holy Spirit and then answering to the litanies. Then, after Mario red his formula of profession, they all raised their hands together with the celebrant and joined in the prayer of blessings, adults and children alike. The faithful felt that this event was a blessing for all the Christian community of the parish and look forward to his diaconal ordination which will also take place in Nyal on May 1, 2018. Bishop Damiano Guzzetti will come for the occasion.