Satellite Schools – Mapuordit

Satellite/Community schools are, as the name implies, set up and run by the local community. DOR offers assistance in the form of basic stationery and text books for teachers to only 5 schools out of 20 followed by the parish. The parish takes the responsibility to assist the other 15 schools with basic stationery, text books, pupils and teachers books. We do in addition to this, assist them also in the repair of some classrooms, store and toilets.

Most of the teachers receive salary from the Government. However, few of the teachers also work on voluntary basis or are supported by the community and boosted by the parish when the support of the community is limited.

Our focus in this field is not of taking the responsibilities of the Government but it is instead to create the awareness and importance of education for a bright Sudan. We do promote education paying visit to satellites school and listening to their needs and encouraging them.

Many schools are expecting more from us such buildings of the classrooms, stores, toilets and payment of the teachers especially those who are not paid by the Government. But we do insist that it is now the time of the Government and we are ready to assist wherever the Government fails to meet the requirements conducive for a proper education. People do appreciate our faithful and meaningful though small contribution.

Besides, the parish is still open and sensitive to particular students in difficulty to meet the requirements of the schools such school fees, uniforms and school materials. Thanks to the parish, some students could successfully complete their secondary school.