Missionary Spirituality

The missionary witness is translated for the Comboni Missionary in a particular way of living, according to a precise methodology, concrete and valiant. The fundamental elements of this way of life come from the words of St. Daniel Comboni. Here are some of his quotes:

“To Save Africa through Africa…”
St. Daniel Comboni had his sights on the poor of Africa; he saw them as marginalized and the poorest people of his time. He wanted them to take an active part in their future and destiny. We live this phrase today because it signifies having respect for culture, religion, and for the human groups to which we are sent, wherever that may be. We manifest a great confidence in the people and respect for their dignity, so that they may become protagonists of their own process of liberation and evangelization.

“To Make Common Cause with the People…”
This phrase signifies having a life style that is simple, to share the joys and sorrows with those considered “least” and to be prophetic voices for those who have no voice. Making common cause with the poor implies sharing in their destiny, which can at times lead to persecution and even martyrdom. The missionary example is the first and strongest witness over words and shows the desire to “live with” and not simply “visit” the people to whom we are sent.

“To Evangelize as a Community…”
This signifies living as a “cenacle of apostles,” another phrase of St. Daniel to emphasize that we do not only witness by ourselves alone but even more authentically and powerfully as a community, united in prayer and in work and searching together for the most effective service to the people. Being communities that are international is itself a challenge but an added dimension as well of our Catholic witness.