What we do

The Comboni Missionaries dedicate themselves to the spreading of the Gospel and to foster human development in 41 countries worldwide. In Africa they are present in 17 countries.
In South Sudan the Comboni Missionaries are in full communion and collaborate with the Local Church

  • in first evangelization and pastoral care among the Dinka, Nuer, Bari, Mundari and Kuku communities
  • in the formation of leaders, lay ministers, priests and missionaries, and in mission animation and vocation promotion
  • in mass media, through their participation in the Catholic Radio Network (CRN), the largest radio Network in Africa, which has been very instrumental on the sociopolitical life of the country
  • in fostering education and health care and agriculture
  • in promoting Justice and Peace and Reconciliation


  • Pastoral work
  • Education
  • Capacity building
  • Health care
  • Radio
  • Agriculture
  • Justice, Peace and Reconciliation