Celebrations in Painjiar county

After my priestly ordination which took place in Italy on the last 3rd November, I had the gift to come back among my beloved people of Leer Parrish, in Unity State. It was a really great gift to receive the embrace. The blessing and the love of so many people who were very happy for my return among them. It was also a possibility for the people of Ganyliel and Painjiar to celebrate the baptism for their children. Almost 500 children were baptized in the last two weeks and the people expressed their great joy for this gift of God through their singing and marching. In Ganyliel I have also celebrate the feast of Saint Josephine Bakhita to whom we asked for protection so that our people will finally live in peace and reconciled among themselves. I walked for around 15 hours on foot, passing from one community to another and trying to give joy and hope to the faithful. I thank the Lord of Life for the gift of my people and for having made me come back with the desire to be at their service.