Fr. Carlo’s Hut, Fr Christian Carlassare, mccj

I take this opportunity to announce the publication of a book that I authored. Unfortunately, at the moment the book is available only in the Italian language as it is an Italian publication. I wrote to remember and celebrate my years spent in Fangak. I gave myself neither to a historical study nor to a theological reflection of the mission. […]

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The Feast of St. Daniel Comboni, Fr Louis Okot, mccj

CELEBRATION OF THE CENTENARY OF FAITH ARCHDIOCESE OF JUBA AND THE FEAST OF ST. DANIEL COMBONI Rajaf, 10 October 2019 My Sisters and Brothers happy feast! This month of October is marked by three significant ecclesial events: the Extraordinary Mission Month (announced by Pope Francis), the Centenary of faith of the archdiocese of Juba and the feast of an outstanding […]

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Multiculturalism and Democracy, Fr Emmanuel Denima, mccj

By Fr Emmanuel Denima, mccj We live today in a globalized society which is characterized by diversity of cultures, religions, languages, political ideologies etc. There are in world 185 independent states containing over 600 living languages groups and 5000 ethnic groups. There are very few countries where people belong to the same ethnic group and speak all the same language. […]

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