By Christian Carlassare – The students of the Comboni Secondary School in Juba animated the Holy Eucharist at St Therese Cathedral in Kator on the feast of St. Daniele Comboni last Tuesday, 10 October 2017.

The Celebration was presided by the Apostolic Nuncio for Kenya and South Sudan, his Excellency bishop Charles D. Balvo. In his homily he pointed out that the construction of the Church is a very demanding task that requires time and also the commitment of many workers.

Saint Daniel Comboni conceived a great plan and started off the work, and now we join in into the same work. Unfortunately there have been times in which the work has been torn apart by conflict. However, we must never despair and be confident to offer our contribution to the mission of the Church.

After the Celebration, the congregation was invited to share a meal at the premises of the secondary school, followed by an afternoon entertainment.

The Minister of Education of Jubek state and the American ambassador attended the event where speeches, songs, dramas and dances were alternated and entertained all the guests.

Fr Louis Okot, the Provincial Superior of the Comboni Missionaries in South Sudan, also addressed the students and assembly stressing the importance of education and encouraging the commitment and creativity of the youth.

Some of the students participated to a contest on poem writing and art. Fr Louis had the joy to award the best three in the two disciplines.

The winning poems were written by Lifu Suzie William (S1B) and carried the title Missionary activity of St Daniel Comboni.


Missionary activity of St Daniel Comboni

Author: Lifu Suzie William


We lived in a world

of agony and depression

where tears rolled down our cheeks

because our homeland

was not home anymore


Until a young and noble man

came to our rescue

with a splendid mission

for he had a vision

of a new generation


He went through difficulties

calamities and tragedies

but never did he cease

for it was Africa or death


He stumbled and fell

but raised up still

and remained persistent

for he had faith

in what lay ahead


Day by day

hoped for the best

and today we all rest

in the tremendous harvest

of his great work

Daniel Comboni