Today’s secularization brought forth many side effects: youth find difficult to walk the right path of their vocation.

Youth often prefer to choose the easy way of what they feel to do rather than what they are asked for.

Youth are often attracted by what society proposes: great positions, career, easy money and success. But all these things hardly fulfil the deep longing that is deep in people’s heart.

Each person has their own vocation. People often prefer to have a family whereas few people might be happy to consecrate their life to God at the service of the Church. People have also a vocation to one or another profession such as medical doctor, carpenter, mechanical engineer and so forth. Therefore, no vocation is bad! But vocation is never a private matter: it always implies a call from God to be at the service of others.

In many cases young people are driven by their customs and habits. Moreover, they are not free to express themselves unreservedly. This affects them negatively and hinders them to recognize their true vocation. That’s why many youth are depressed and without purpose in life. In South Sudan thousands of youth are recruited into the army or armed groups. They did not see any other option and thought that it was the only way to serve their country and get something good for them. They will certainly be frustrated.

How can one discover his vocation? It is not easy! Because you cannot only be sure of your vocation at early age, as such some perfectly do theirs while aging to fifties! Like Dr Benjamin Solomon Carson (American neurosurgeon) who was not aware of his vocation at his childhood, but he found the inspiration through prayer and the advice of people like his mother and school professors.

I personally admire Dr Carson for his personality, determination, simplicity in his career and love for God. Nevertheless, admiration alone cannot define your true vocation rather inspire you to search for it with righteousness. Thus, you can discover your vocation in your constant desire and strive for some values.

When I was young, my parents were asking us what we would like to be and do in the future. However, they decided for my elder brother that he should have become a priest, they gave him to God like Anna offered her elder son, Samuel. As a result they denied the younger children to express their desires to choose the religious path of life. But when my brother got married in 2015, they realized that every child has his/her own dream and that vocation belongs to God. He calls those he likes.

Therefore, even if parents have their own plans over the children, each person then discover another Father in heaven whose demand is more important to fulfil.

How can one know his/her decision is right? The modernization and high entrepreneurial evolution of our world gives us a wide range of opportunities. Youth may easily feel satisfied with what the market offers: an illusory milk and honey paradise! If you look deep into your heart you will know that this is just daydreaming.

Some of those thoughts normally come when we are in critical situations looking for survival. In difficult circumstances people do understand their meagreness and get courage to overcome it. For instance, St Daniel Comboni was interested in medicine and the mission of Japan. But later he discovered his vocation by listening to Fr. Angelo Vinco when he presented about his missionary experience in Central Africa.

Then after the first trips to Africa, Comboni found out that Africa was the home of his soul. Moreover, Japan was a signal that showed what his life was for: the mission.

Also, he wouldn’t have made the Plan for the Regeneration of Africa had he been alone! Comboni drew a lot of wisdom from God and men to draw up the new plan for Africa.

You can make a clear decision when you are aware of “who you are” and remain “faithful to God” who exercise his power over all creatures. It is very important to hold on your dreams and be always ready to say ‘YES’ to God then surely you will find your blessing in abundance and great.

Trust in God and in yourself if you want to be happy in life.

Emmanuel Anguzu Lagu

Anguzu Lagu is a Comboni student at the formation house Barnabas Deng in Juba, South Sudan

Image: Diocese of Paterson