[codepeople-post-map]1- HISTORY OF THE COMMUNITY 

-1904: Arrival of first Comboni missionaries

-1905: Opening of the first community in Wau town

-1908 Official opening of the mission in Wau by Bishop Geyer

-1974: Wau, administrative center of the diocese of Wau

-1985: Return of the Comboni missionaries to Wau town (residence in the PA.LI.CA)

-1999: Founding of St D.C Parish (3km away from the community)

-The Christian Community of the Parish in Wau-center is composed of: Different Fertit groups (Ndogo, Bongo, Belanda, Bai, etc); Dinka; Luo and some from Eastern Equatoria

-2005: Retaking of the actual house (Sikka Hadid)



-Fr. Isaac Martin, from Spain

-Fr. Ghislain Amoussou, from Togo

-Br. Patrick Lumami, Dem. Rep. of Congo

-Br. Rosario Iannetti, from Italy

-Mr. Matteo Perotti – Lay missionary, from Italy



Witnesses to the Gospel within a multifaceted society and context (variety of tribes) for an integral development.



–     Parish Level:

– Kindergarten: Aiming at bringing children of different poor families-tribes together, by sharing meal, playing and building up a sense of unity and family. Currently, the majority are Dinka by tribe

– Catechism: Courses of catechism are given both in Dinka and Arabic languages

– Bible Sharing: mostly focused on the Gospel

– Kindergarten

– Pastoral activities: at the beginning the parish was composed of six centers. Currently there are eight built Chapels (Centers). The majority of these outside centers are in Dinka milieu, therefore speaks Dinka language. Nevertheless, few of them speak English and Arabic.

-Youth programs and Vocation promotion

-Promotion of Justice and Peace (Workshops, adult education, civic education, women promotion)

-Education Programs: Kindergarten

-Health care Programs

-Development programs (Workshops, projects)

-Diocese level: Consultancy at the bishop house