Sacred Heart Parish Gives Farewell to Outgoing Parish Priest

The Catholic community of the Sacred Heart parish in Kajokeji County, South Sudan, has gathered this Sunday to celebrate the beginning of Advent season and also to say farewell to Fr. Victor Kouande, the parish priest.


Father Victor Kouande Adekoun is a Comboni missionary from Togo, West Africa. The 49 years-old priest was born in Lomé, Togo. He joined the Comboni missionaries in the mid-1990s and took temporary religious vows in Kinshasa in 1999. After his theological studies in London, he was ordained priest in April 2004 in Lomé.

Fr. Kouande served the church in his home country for six years. Then he got assigned to South Sudan in 2010 and appointed the parish priest of Sacred Heart parish in Kajokeji.

Together with some other Comboni missionaries and Comboni Missionaries Sisters, Fr. Kouande has spent the last six years serving the people of Kajokeji, especially in the Sacred Heart parish, with much love and joy.

Fr. Kouande has been asked to do another missionary service this time back in his home country, Togo, after being elected the next provincial superior of the Comboni Province of Togo-Ghana-Benin.

Yesterday, 27 November 2016, the Sacred Heart Parish organised a farewell to Father Victor. A huge crowd turned out to say thank you and farewell to Fr. Kouande.

Fr. Kouande thanked God for the opportunity he has been given to serve the South Sudanese people in Kajo Keji. The leaving parish priest also thanked the local Christian community for their welcoming, collaboration and support in the service of evangelisation.