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29 December 2014 – Paride Taban Kenyi, the Emeritus Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Torit in South Sudan, wrote a Christmas message for the whole world and for South Sudan in particular. As an outstanding South Sudanese peacemaker, Bishop Paride Taban says that “we need each other, all of us are useful for building up a peaceful South Sudan to accommodate all South Sudanese”.


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We want to prepare ourselves for peaceful Christmas; we greet you in the Name of our savior and Lord Jesus Christ. It is love, which brought us to you here in Nimule, Madi Corridor of the Republic of South Sudan. It is God’s love and peace these weeks of Advent while waiting eagerly for the coming of prince of PEACE, our savior Jesus Christ.
We ask in our prayer of Advent of 2014 that bloodshed must end – in south Sudan, nothing like bloodshed, which happened on Dec 15, 2013 should repeat itself on the 15-12-2014, so that we have development, roads, hospitals, and education for our future generation. Our Christmas of this year 2014 should bring us fraternal love and unity, that we are all children of God. Hope for true lasting Peace in Christmas and New Year 2015. We should morn; weep for what happened on 15 December. 2013.
We are coming to you as Jesus sent his Disciples in Mathew: 9:35-10:1-8 to heal you from all diseases, violence, disunity, fear, hatred, and revenge. These are diseases Jesus gave authority to his disciples to heal, so we are healing you from Disease of selfishness and of power.
You who are living in Nimule, are children of One God and Savior, you are brothers and sisters.
All members of South Sudan living in any part, State, Counties of South Sudan should live as a community of that State and County or Payam and Boma without any DISCRIMINATION, avoid living as animal farm.
It is written when you are in Rome act as Romans. This is the teaching of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. You are all Brothers and Sisters, you are not Foreigners, and you have one Father in Heaven.
When you settle amidst any community, become members of that community, DO NOT segregate yourself, I give you one example, my ancestors came from Logo in Rejaf east, my clan is called Logopi – since we came among the Madi, we did not call ourselves Bari but we became Madi and we are called Madi – Logopi
This did not happen to me only, let each one trace his or her history; we all came from somewhere 1000 or 2000 years ago. We the Logopi live with the people of Madi Bori in Opari. We are Madi though we know the root of our Origin, and the Bari cannot claim this area of Madi as Bari area because of Logopi who settled there.
I am not talking about Politics but about History. If we know History, we shall live in Peace in South Sudan. Our problem is ignorance of knowledge of History. There are always problems in communities caused by individuals. Let us not label the mistakes of individuals on communities, tribes, clan, states or south Sudan, let us isolate such issues. A mistake of a Madi person or persons is not of Madi people, Madi communities or the community living within the Madi, Acholi, Lokoya, Lotuho or Dinka community etc.
In every community there are problematic people – if we all today understand this, we shall create a peaceful South Sudan. South Sudanese are peaceful and sociable people. LET NO INDIVIDUAL ISSUES DESTROY SOUTH SUDAN.
We need each other, All of us are useful for Building up a Peaceful South Sudan to accommodate all South Sudanese and there is room still for our friends from Africa, and other part of the World, Anyone can settle anywhere in South Sudan like in America, Australia but with Respect to the people born in that place, treat each other with respect and live together as equals.
I want to remind ourselves South Sudanese that, every South Sudanese small or Big has contributed to the liberation of south Sudan and to independence of south Sudan, not only south Sudanese but people from Nuba mountains, northern Sudan and the whole world.
Any person who says I or my tribe and so on have liberated South Sudan is a liar or an ignorant person or does not understand the history of the liberation and the independence of south Sudan.
I am not talking politics but I am relating to history, I am one of the witnesses and one of the shepherds of those who died, struggled and set their blood for the freedom, unity and independence of the people of south Sudan. Congratulation to all and may God reward all with PEACE, JUSTICE, and LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER. True and lasting peace in south Sudan requires PATIENCE, LOVE, REPETANCE, PARDON AND FORGIVENESS.
Advent is the time for us to repent from all our wrong doings, asking pardon from God and from one another.  PEACE, PEACE, PEACE.
Let all the weapons of south Sudan be return in stores for defending the lives of the people in south Sudan from any foreign aggressions, not for destroying the lives of people in south Sudan whom we love very much. I thank you for your great love for me as you showed this year in celebrating my 50 years of my priestly service for the Sudan and south Sudan.
Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year 2015 God bless you.
Your brother and shepherd
Paride Taban Kenyi,
Emeritus Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Torit