Mapuordit Hospital

Mary Immaculate DOR Hospital is situated in Mapuordit, approximately 76 km from Rumbek, the provincial capital of Lakes State in Southern Sudan. The Hospital was started in 2002, growing out of a small dispensary, which was at that time the only health facility for the people of the area.

The Hospital has 112 beds divided in 6 wards and provides curative and preventive services (Supervision of Primary Health Care Units, Antenatal Services, EPI and HIV testing and Counseling) and offers both elective surgery and answers to emergency cases not only from the actual catchment area, but also receiving patients who travel long distances for the services offered. In 2010 about 26.000 patients have been attended by the OPD , of which 3.000 have been admitted. About 950 major operation have been performed.

The Hospital is administered for the Diocese of Rumbek (DOR) by a collaborative between Archangelo Ali Association(AAA) and the Comboni Missionaries. The Hospital is staffed by about 70 locally trained Sudanese, supported by about 15 expatriate professional staff.
Within the hospital compound is located a boarding school for Certified Community Nurse run by CISP (Italian NGO)in cooperation with the Comboni Missionaries and the Lakes State Ministry of Health. The course lasts 2 years and half, following a curriculum approved by the GOSS MOH. The first bunch of 11 nurses will graduate in November 2011.
Every year in May there is a new intake of about 20 students : Secondary School Certificate is required for the entry examination which is held in February. Students are coming from several States: Lakes, South Kordofan, Unity, Jongley, Upper Nile and Western Equatoria .

In March 2010 the hospital has open an HIV/ART Clinic which provides free of charge VCT ( Voluntary Counseling Test) and Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) to patients coming from all over Lakes State .
The hospital has a full equipped Eye Clinic, permanently staffed by two expatriate Ophthalmic Clinical Officers . A Kenyan Ophthalmic surgeon comes 3 times per year to perform Cataract Operations. The next cataract camp will start on 14 May 2011.
Once a year a Obstetric Fistula Surgery Camp is held at the hospital, where 20 women affected by VVF ( Vaginal Vesico Fistula) and RVF ( Recto Vaginal Fistula) are operated free of charge by a specialist surgeon. The next camp will start on the 30th June 2011.