Created on Saturday, 20 December 2014 12:54

20 December 2014 – (Fr. Luciano Perina – Wau) – Every child that is born in our world is like a little Jesus that renews Christmas among us. Sometimes this little Jesus smiles, when everything is fine and he feels good. But sometimes, instead, he looks rather gloomy, as if, coming among us, he found himself in a mess.


And so one angel, one of those who were singing for him, “Glory to God in the highest, and Peace on earth to those who are God’s friends!”, asked this little Jesus, who was born in South Sudan during this Christmas time, he asked him why he was so gloomy. “Why don’t you smile this year, little Jesus that is born here in South Sudan, as you used to do whenever you came among us in the past?
Didn’t you hear the good wishes the angels are singing for you and for the world? Just have a good look at our churches, big and small: full of people, full of songs, full of joy, just because you are born among us”.
“Yes, I see the churches”, Jesus answered “really full of people, singing their joys, and telling me their hopes. But when they go home they hear a different music: ana jaan, ana ‘ayan, ana falsan, ana taaban, ana zaalan. What a sad refrain for the life of many, even at this Christmas! I cannot smile just now. Never mind, I shall smile later on, when these same people will be able to sing a different song.”
And a new voice was heard, singing from above, from where the child had come: I know what you are like, but I will heal you, lead you, and give you comfort, until those who are mourning start singing my praises.
No matter where you are, I, the Lord, will heal you and give you peace. (Is 57:18, 19)
Have a nice Christmas, with a lot of smiles around you, and in peace!