Force is not the only weapon for peace

07 January 2017 – (By Emmanuel Angunzu Lagu and Moses Oburak) – On 1st January 2017, the New Year restored hope and courage among the citizens in Kajo-Keji. Christians from different chapels around Sacred Heart Parish Lomin, in the Catholic Diocese of Yei, turned up for a social gathering to show love and celebrate the joy of the new year as a family as well as to move forward to peacebuilding. The event was organized by a committee headed by Abuna Jesús Aranda.

The social gathering involved competitions in different types of activities: songs, drama and games. The familiarized event was opened officially by words of prayer from the Head catechist of SHPL, Robert Kajokare, and Abuna Jesús welcomed the people with wishes of the New Year and most of all, hopeful messages of peace, there followed by a warm welcoming song from the Parish’s choir.

Though People were afraid before 25 December, the inspiration taken from Pope Francis’ message of Peace gave a bright smile on their faces. These crushed the fear and raised freedom then they became active whereby many groups of different age levels took part in the competition.

Not only the Catholic families were attended the event, but also other Christian churches were present. A  ECS pastor who was present felt the glorious joy of peace among the people and arose with a shepherd-like voice in the appreciation of the organizing committee and though he was engulfed with a supernatural happiness which seem from above, he got the courage and strength to address his concern of organizing more such events in the parish and to involve other churches too so that messages of peace might reach to far ends of the country.

The three best actors and actresses from each activity were later on awarded certificates and prizes hence as a family we share together the little we had such as biscuits, sweets and some water. The event was concluded with the prayer of “OUR FATHER” led by the parish choir and sung by everybody while holding their hands as one family in unity.

The day that seemed like the first and the last, left a great mark in the parish. Therefore, the parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish Lomin wish to send you their fervent good wishes of Peace and Happy New Year, together with heartfelt message of hope. They do so by offering for common reflection the theme which is above as a title for this message. It is one which they consider particularly important: force is not the only weapon for peace.

Our request to you is prayer for Peace in South Sudan at this horrible situation they are undertaking. As a result over thousands of women and children are currently suffering in the camps at the neighboring countries; please open your door for them.

– Emmanuel Angunzu Lagu and Moses Oburak