24 December 2014 – Dear brothers, friends and benefactors. Peace! That baby Jesus that is embodied in our humanity, born poor in Bethlehem and change the meaning of the world, can give us a new heart to live out our mission wherever we live!



There is need for change in this world but starts from us first of all. And He is the greatest gift that God has ever been able to give to the world!
We pray for peace in South Sudan, Sudan, Central African Republic, Congo and many other countries experiencing wars and divisions.
I offer you as a gift for Christmas a short poem and reflection of the great DOM HELDER CAMARA:
“Whatever is your condition in life, think of you and your loved ones, but do not be imprisoned by the small circle of your little family. Adopt once and for all the human family! Do not feel foreign in any part of the world. Be a man among others. Don’t be indifferent to the problems of any people… Vibrate for the joys and hopes of every human group. Make yours the humiliations and sufferings of our brothers and sisters. Live in a world scale, or better with universal heart. Remove from your vocabulary words like enemy, enmity, hatred, resentment, bitterness…”
Dom Helder Camara
With true Peace for South Sudan and the world!!
Fr. Daniele Moschetti
And the Comboni Missionaries of South Sudan

Cari confratelli, amici e benefattori. Pace!
Che Gesù bambino che si incarna nella nostra umanità, nasce povero a Betlemme e cambia il senso del mondo, possa donarci un cuore nuovo per vivere pienamente la nostra missione dovunque noi viviamo! C’è bisogno di cambiamento in questo mondo che però parte da noi prima di tutto……. E Lui è il dono più grande che Dio ci abbia mai potuto fare….!
Preghiamo per la pace in Sud Sudan, Sudan, Centrafrica, Congo e tanti altri paesi martoriati dalla guerra e dalle divisioni…..
Vi offro in dono per Natale una breve poesia e riflessione di un grande…. DOM HELDER CAMARA! Buon Natale a te….
Fr. Daniele Moschetti