Created on Thursday, 20 November 2014 09:48

20 November 2014 – A group of over 40 religious men and women from different nationalities and belonging to different Religious and Missionary Institutes attended a five days Introductory Course on South Sudan. The course, which was held in Juba from 14 to 19 November, was organised by RSASS (Religious Superiors’ Association of South Sudan).


This course is offered every other year to newly arrived church personnel. The objective of this five days study and reflection was to provide ongoing formation to the Religious and missionaries, especially the newcomers, on the complex reality of South Sudan.
Participants studied and reflected on the history and geography, politics, economy, social life, the Catholic Church and other churches, ethnic groups, women, youth of South Sudan.
University professors, civil society and church leaders helped newcomers to become more familiar with the world’s youngest nation. A particular emphasis was put on the historical aspect and current political and military crisis.
The last day was also an occasion to introduce RSASS and the role of the Religious in this particular moment of the history of South Sudan.


All the participants have been assigned to work in the different parishes and mission across South Sudan. They are engaged in pastoral, education, health care and other capacity building activities.