Church holds a consultation workshop on Justice and Peace

14 January 2017 – The Catholic Church in South Sudan has conducted a consultation workshop on National and Diocesan Justice and Peace Commissions. The three days meeting took place at the Good Shepherd Peace Centre in Kit, in the outskirts of Juba, from 10th – 13th January 2017.


Consultation JPIC workshop, Juba 

Justice and Peace coordinators and representatives from all Dioceses of South Sudan, except Yambio and Yei that were not able to send delegates due to the lack of transport, attended this workshop.

The Chairperson of the Catholic Bishops of South Sudan (SCBC) in charge of Justice and Peace Bishop, Paride Taban, also attended the workshop. Besides, the Justice and Peace coordinator of the Comboni Missionaries and the Good Shepherd Peace Centre team were also invited.

The main aim of this consultation workshop was to improve synergies and coordination between National and Diocesan Justice and Peace Commissions.

It was also expected that the consultation workshop would enable the bishop chairman to know the national and diocesan justice and peace coordinators from the different dioceses and other church institutions and know their coordination difficulties so as to improve coordination and synergy, as well as to enable the national Justice and Peace coordinator and the different diocesan J&P coordinators to meet and to know each other and improve their solidarity resilience to promote unity, team work, peace and harmony from the national to the diocesan level.

Another expectation at this meeting was that the bishop chairman and the J&P coordinators would come out with a Justice and peace guiding policy to guide Justice and Peace structures and activities from national to diocesan level and create a platform to inform the bishops in their next plenary in January 2017.

The participants had also an opportunity to share about the current situation of South Sudan and the activities they have been carrying out in the justice and peace ministry in their respective dioceses or religious congregations. They took time also to evaluate the actual relationships within the JPC family of the Catholic Church.

They further worked out a Final Document to be shared with the Bishops Conference, partners and ecumenical structures and the way forward concerning justice and peace ministry in South Sudan.

Participants of the consultation JPIC workshop, Juba 

Justice and Peace is a ministry in the Church established for the promotion of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC). Sometimes it is simply called ‘JPIC’ or ‘J&P’. It is a conscious prayer, reflection and action to transform the world in the spirit of the Gospel, in the light of the biblical values of justice, peace and care for the integrity of creation.

It also promotes reconciliation and shares the vision of a world which reflects the Kingdom of God where justice, peace, truth, reconciliation, freedom, solidarity and the safeguarding of creation prevail.

The people who are appointed to do justice and peace ministry are normally called justice and peace coordinators or JPIC animators.