Catholic University of South Sudan Holds Conference on the Theme of Mercy

The Catholic University of South Sudan (CuofSS) is holding a three-day conference under the title “Mercy: Discussions on Forgiveness and Compassion towards a Peaceful and Cohesive South Sudan”.

Invitation card to the three-day conference on Mercy

The conference is taking place at Tong Ping Campus and comes just after the closing of the ‘Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy’ of the Catholic Church called and closed by Pope Francis.

Organisers informed that the event aims at engaging “academics, university students, religious leaders, civil society, political representatives and humanitarian professionals in discussions about the religiously and secular interpreted themes of mercy, forgiveness and compassion in South Sudan”.

The three days of the conference evolve around three main themes.  On day one, the participants discussed the theme of ‘Mercy in Comparative Perspective’. On the second day the focus was on ‘Lessons in Mercy from Post-Conflict Africa’. On the closing day of this conference the participants will be discussing about ‘Mercy versus Justice’.

Outstanding panellists, discussants and moderators from within South Sudan and from abroad have been invited to give their valuables contributions and are providing students, academic staff, faith-based groups, civil society, politicians and members of the public in general with an unique opportunity to reflect on the Gospels values of mercy, compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Participants have been challenged to find the best way forward to overcome hatred and divisions and to contribute to peace and reconciliation in a nation that has a violent history of wars and conflicts, which have left people hurt and communities divided.

The last day of conference will be this Wednesday 30 November 2016 under the theme of ‘Mercy versus Justice’.